Hypnotherapy Services

We understand the pressure that individuals find themselves under, be it pressure from work or challenges at home. These pressures have led to a rise in anxiety, stress and depression amongst the frontline workers, member of the public, teachers, healthcare workers and many others.

We work with all types of individuals, giving them the tools that ensure that they are able to reduce or alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and any other related conditions.


Unlike traditional counselling and talking therapies, Solution Focused therapy focuses on the present and the future in a positive way. We do not focus on the problem, instead we focus on helping you find the solution by helping to rewire the brain, so thought patterns and behaviours lead you to the best version of yourself.

Please contact us today if you are ready to be helped and want to feel better. Being happy should be the default setting for everyone, let us help you find your happy!

Your initial consultation will be completely free and will allow us to show you how we are going to help you.

This is what one of our GPs had to say about the service she received.

"I had been suffering from anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, mini panic attacks, fear of dark, driving and being alone. I also had the chronic stress due to the illness of my older son for the past 16 years. My sleep was horribly affected and I resorted to all sorts of over the counter herbal medication and my own GP who prescribed diazepam and zopiclone.

My religion says that God cannot come in person or send his angels in person to answer our prayers in difficult times, but he may turn someone into an angel for us. Indeed, my prayers were answered when I contacted Harj at GPD Healthcare.

Harj listened, challenged, guided and changed me within 5 sessions! Listening to his relaxation track every evening after the bath has become a part of my wind down ritual. I learnt to focus on myself and I learnt to pick and weed out negative and hot thoughts. I started to focus on myself and what could be achieved. After 2 sessions with Harj, I was able to sleep and even bathe in the dark again. Driving back home was fun again and I was not needing zopiclone and diazepam every night, I now only take once per week.

I am going to continue my sessions with Harj, who is helping me become the person I used to be and I can honestly say that if you are suffering from any form of anxiety, stress or depression and you are lucky enough to work with Harj or one of the GPD team – then you should contact them asap.

As a senior clinician, I have always thought of myself as a level headed and sensible person, but no matter who we are, we all need help and guidance sometimes"

All consultations take place across Zoom, all consultations are private and confidential and all of out therapists are fully qualified with an up to date DBS.

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