Digital Health

It is a really exciting time to be involved in the healthcare recruitment market, across many services and parts of the country; existing models of care are no longer fit for purpose. Digital Health and Care are quickly becoming recognised as a key part of the solution to help tackle the challenges that lie ahead for the UK Health and Care sectors.

By combining technology and healthcare, digital health is supporting the processes required to manage and improve the lives of people across the UK - leading to improved health outcomes, better mobility and more choice of the type of healthcare available to patients.

The best technology needs the best people to develop, improve, deliver and ensure it is fit for purpose. At GPD Healthcare Ltd, we have developed a unique approach which means that we are able to place the most suitable candidates into technology led healthcare services providers as well as supporting those Digital Health companies and services involved in the research of ehealth, mhealth, telehealth, health information technology, telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence and more!

We currently support:

  •  Online Healthcare services providers
  •  Tele-healthcare Providers
  •  Video Consultation Providers
  •  Healthcare App Developers
  •  University Research Projects
  •  Technology Companies involved in Mobile Health
  •  NHS Digital Health Services
  •  Pharmaceutical Organisations

If you are seeking to work with a genuine market leader, who can support you with new or existing projects – contact GPD Healthcare ASAP. We specialise in putting the best talent in touch with the companies and services that are seeking the best in Digital Health.

GPD Healthcare Ltd – the leader in Digital Health Recruitment Services.